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5 Tips to Get You Practicing Like a Pro Golfer

Golfer swinging at Beloit Club

You’ve heard it before. “Practice makes perfect.” Yes, it’s a little cliche, but it’s also a true statement.

Golf is a motor skill, which means the way you swing a club is formed by an image in the brain that is then sent to the body. The more you practice your motor skills, the more natural and easier they become. It’s like learning to walk. You’re a pro now because you’ve been doing it every day since you were a baby.

That’s not saying you haven’t had some falls over the years because you’ve probably taken a few tumbles, especially when you were just learning to walk. It’s the same with golf. When you’re first learning something new, you’re going to make mistakes, but the more you practice, the more repetitions you do, the better you’ll become.

We have some tips on how to make your golf practice more productive:

Swing practice at Ironworks Golf Lab


It’s easy to get distracted, so make sure your mind is solely on your golf game. Ten minutes of focused practice is better than one hour of distracted practice, so put the phone away and focus on the goal of today’s practice.

Break your swing down

Taking full swings during practice is counterproductive. There’s too much going on in the brain to focus on one specific movement. Break it down into smaller, more manageable parts. First start without a club and ball, then add the club and, lastly, add the ball.

Practice at the proper speed

There are speeds in between fast and slow. Start your swing in slow motion, then once you have it down, gradually increase your speed until you reach your best.

Instructor and student Ironworks Golf Academy


Take time to watch the entire ball flight and assess what

happened. Every shot is a learning opportunity–even the bad ones! If you don’t like the result, take a few slow-motion swings or putts and make corrections. If you do like where the ball went, take the time to store your thoughts or feels of that swing. This step is often overlooked, but the post-shot routine is an important part of the learning process.

K-Vest Technology

Receive quality feedback

Start with golf lessons from a professional. They’ll be able to tell you what you’re doing right (and wrong) before you practice on your own. Some instructors, like those at Ironworks Golf Academy, even use technology, like Trackman 4 and the K-Vest, to get the most accurate read of your golf game.

If you need to brush up on your golf game, Ironworks Golf Academy is the place for you. Our PGA/LPGA instructors can have you playing (and practicing) better in no time. Contact us today to get more information about private lessons, golf schools and corporate clinics!


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