The Ironworks Golf Academy was created by the Beloit Club and Ironworks Golf Lab management to satisfy the demand for player development programs that involve instruction, coaching, and club fitting. Our team of PGA/LPGA instructors and coaches have demonstrated a recognized ability to create significant and sustained improvement with students, and they show a clear passion for their craft.




Travis is the Director of Instruction and Club Fitting for the Ironworks Golf Academy. Travis has been named the Wisconsin PGA Teacher of the Year 3 times (2015, 2019, 2021) and has been ranked in Golf Digest Magazine’s “Best Teachers” in the state. In 2020, Travis was named a Top 100 Teaching Professional by GRAA Magazine and voted the WPGA Youth Player Development award winner for his extraordinary and exemplary achievements in junior golf. To compliment his instruction and coaching background, Travis has been recognized as a Top 100 Club Fitter with Titleist and Ping. Travis has the experience and knowledge to take your game to the next level.

Mentors: Larry and Dennis Tiziani (Cherokee CC)

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Mike is a PGA Certified Instructor and Club Fitter for the Ironworks Golf Academy. Mike focuses his instruction on improving each student’s athleticism and swing mechanics to improve their consistency. There is not one swing that works for everyone, so he will find your most efficient swing to control your ball flight and shoot lower scores. Mike is a TPI Certified Level 2 Instructor in Power & Junior Development and Certified in K-Motion 3D and Boditrak Ground Mechanics. Mike’s passion is to help each student reach their personal goals, shoot lower scores, and have more fun!

Mentors: Mike Berning (Marietta CC)




Dillon is a Certified Club Fitter and PGA Apprentice with the Ironworks Golf Academy. Dillon is known to deliver a tour level custom club fitting experience to golfers of all abilities. He is certified with Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made, and Callaway. Dillon is Wisconsin’s lead Titleist fitting specialist where he conducts club fittings at numerous facilities around the state. Prior to joining the Ironworks Golf Academy Team, he was a club fitter for Nevada Bob’s retail store in Madison. Prior to that, Dillon worked as an Assistant Professional at Cherokee CC where he was introduced to all facets of the golf industry. Dillon’s friendly personality and golf knowledge is a win/win for any student of the game.

Mentors: Travis Becker, Larry & Dennis Tiziani (Cherokee CC)



Pamela is a LPGA Certified Instructor and Club Fitter for the Ironworks Golf Academy. Pamela is an accomplished player that won a high school state championship and a NCAA Division II National Championship. She graduated from Lynn University with an MBA in Sports and Athletic Administration. Pamela is the driving force behind IGA’s popular women’s programs and her passion for growing women in the game of golf is unmatched. Pamela was voted a Top 50 coach by US Kids Golf in 2020 and acts as our site director for the popular LPGA Girls Golf Program. She is a strong mentor to any female looking to learn the game of golf or take their game to the next level. Her personal joy is seeing each of her students accomplish their goals.

Mentors: Steve Murray (Forest Hills)


Lance is the Ironworks Golf Academy administrator. He has over ten years in customer service experience and is happy to assist our clients throughout the instruction and fitting process. He is currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, pursuing a degree in accounting. Lance’s goal is to make the logistics of golf instruction and club fitting as smooth as possible.



The Ironworks Golf Academy is one of few Premier Fitting Centers in the state with Titleist and TaylorMade. Premier Fitting Centers feature partners who make club fitting the centerpiece of their daily selling activities. The centers are equipped with over 5,000 club combinations and utilize launch monitors to offer a high level of service for golfers who want an in-depth and thorough fitting experience.