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We all have our own golf stories. How we got interested in the sport. When we started to play. Our first hole in one–or almost hole in one. We're sharing our students' golf experiences in our new video series, My Golf Academy Story. View their stories below.


Tia talks about how she was introduced to the game of golf and why it quickly became an interest for the entire family. Tia shares how the women's instruction offerings keep her coming back for more and how the Ironworks Golf Academy has helped improved both Tia and her daughter's game.


Mark & Crosby, a father-son duo, shares their Ironworks Golf Academy experience with  the Golf Academy team. Check out their story and why they travel at length to work with the Ironworks Golf team in Beloit, Wisconsin.


Griffin shares his Golf Academy experience and talks about his golf journey - from a six-year-old beginner, to becoming one of the best junior golfers in the Southern Wisconsin region. Listen to his story and find out what tools have helped him develop into a better all-around golfer.


With 15 years of golf under his belt, Alan has a story or two. Watch Alan's Golf Academy Story here.

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